Finch – pidgin without the feathers

I love this program. Finch is pidgin for the command line. Extremely light on system resources and very simle to use with just a handful of hotkeys.

I’m running finch right now in my terminal emulator, its using 1.1% memory and 0.0% cpu right nowon my EEEPC900 – thats what i want from an always-on background app!

Here is finch in action

Here is finch in action

Here is a quick guide on how to use finch:

To install on ubuntu type the following at the console

sudo apt-get install finch

<your password>

Once installed simply type ‘finch’ at the console and hit enter

Just use the cursor keys, space and enter to setup your account (if you already have pidgin, your account won’t need to be setup)

Then, once connected, simply use ALT+A to open windows and ALT+ M-0r-P to cycle between.

Type ‘man finch’ at the command line for full instructions.


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