Torrent on the command line

Why would you want to use a command line app like rtorrent for torrents? I’ll tell you why.

Say you are at work, and you wanted to ensure that your favourite show (or whatever) is ready waiting for you when you get home, but you forgot to setup the download before leaving work…

well, using ssh, you can connect to your home machine, launch an app like rtorrent and set all the downloads you want. Hell, you could even launch a txt only browser on your home machine via ssh and go searching for downloads all day! but more on those sometime soon (disclaimer: does not condone slacking off in the work place)

Lets not forget also, this program is extremely lightweight and can run on very limited hardware,

A download waiting to begin in rtorrent

A download waiting to begin in rtorrent

Ubuntu users just need to type ‘sudo apt-get install rtorrent’. once installed, check out ‘man rtorrent’ for the command list. its not too hard, I could figure it out 🙂

For an excellent guide on how to use this program, check this out:


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