How to add mouse support to the CLI – Links2

Here is a very quick guide on adding mouse support to the text terminal in linux (ubuntu). This is is very useful for text highlighting, copying/pasting but it really comes into its own when browsing the web on the command line with Links2, w3m or any other CLI browser.

The file that needs to be edited is called ’40-permissions.rules’ and you can open it by typing:

sudo leafpad /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules

Again, if leafpad isnt your bag, feel free to use whatever editor you want.

Now scroll down to the bottom and add a line like this:

KERNEL=="mice",				MODE="0666"

If you already have KERNEL==”mice”, you can just amend it with MODE=”0666″
Save the file

And you’re done. that was easy wasn’t it? restart your machine, go to a tty window and wiggle your mouse!


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