IGEPv2 Expansion board coming 3rd quarter 2010

ISEE, developer of the IGEP single board computer development plaform have announced an expansion board to accompany the IGEPv2, offering a number of new features. The expansion board will include the following:

  • Modem GSM/GPRS based on TELIT GE865 module with SIMCARD connector and external cable Antenna.
  • LCD and touch interface for 7.0 inch SEIKO LCD: 3 connectors (40pin FFC for TFT interface + 4pin FFC for touch + 6pin FFC for LED backlight).
  • LCD and touch interface for 4.3 inch POWERTIP LCD: 40pin FFC for TFT interface, touch and LED backlight).
  • VGA interface on D-SUB15 connector.
  • 2 x video composite inputs on RCA connector. Video Decoder based on TEXAS Video Decoder TVP5150.
  • Camera interface for e-con Systems e-CAM32_OMAP module.
  • CAN bus interface with 3 pin connector. CAN interface based on MICROCHIP MCP2515 CAN controller.
  • Serial port on DB9 connector
  • Size: idem IGEPv2

As you can see, this expansion board adds oodles of new functionality. Currently no word on price, but my guess puts this in a similar ballpark to the IGEPv2 itself pricewise.

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