Pay what you want for superb linux games- Humble bundle

Being a gamer on linux can be a cold, unforgiving place. Sure, there is some great work being done in the opensource community to bring new games to linux and facilitate compatibility usually older Windows titles to linux, but often projects get abandoned or shelved and support can be lacking…

The commercial Indie game market however is a shining example of how linux compatibility can be for the benefit of all! developers and gamers alike!

And when the benevolent fellows over at The Humble Bundle get involved for the good of charity, it can only be a good thing.

The bundle allows gamers to purchase a collection of commercially available indie games for whatever price they see fit. choosing how to spread there donation between the devs who brought you the games, and charitable organisations. And whats best, all titles included in the bundle are Windows AND Linux compatible – and you are entitled to both formats, DRM free

The current bundle bundle – “The Frozen Synapse Bundle” includes Frozen Synapse (predictably), Spacechem, and Trauma – as well as the entire FrozenByte bundle, if you donate above the average amount.

All games are interesting and well worth playing! support indie developers and charity by playing games! Get it NOW! while you can – these bundles are made available to a limited time only.

The Frozen Synapse bundle will expire TODAY! GO! GET! NOW! QUICK!


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