This website tries to make a catalog of cool command line applications, will outline the benefits of such programs and offer brief introductions on how to use them. occasionally other topics will grab my attention (other software, gaming, tech) and that too will be blogged.

This site is focused primarily on linux but will feature cross platorm projects and occasionally windows software. I currently run crunchbang linux which is a variation of Ubuntu Debian.

I am a fairly new linux user, I started out by hopping between different ubuntu based distros looking for the perfect one for my EEEPC 900.

After trying most of the EEE/netbook specific distros, I settled for Chruncheee (an EEE specific verion of Crunchbang (#!).The main appeal for me, that the other distros (eeebuntu, easypeasy, etc) did not have, is the minimalist, fast and resposive desktop environment provided by openbox.

It wasnt long before I developed a taste for lightweight software which lead me away from gui’s and toward the command line. Of course I still use openbox daily -I’m not quite ready to give up altogether, probably never will be.

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  1. nice ! thanks …. and nice work buddt

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