I’m a gamer. I’ve been gaming far longer than I’ve been a linux user, and since making the transition to the point where I almost never use Windows, it would be fair to say that my PC gaming habit has taken something of a back seat.

But the truth is, there is very enthusiastic community of linux gamers, and some excellent developers putting in the graft to make gaming on a linux system a real possibility.

In the Linux Gaming Corner, I’ll be bringing together all my linux gaming related content into a good juping off point of (hopefully useful) information.

As I’m just launching this page, most of what is listed below doesn’t link anywhere, but over time I’ll be adding reviews and useful info on some of the following

Commercial Native/ported
Commercial games that had been made officially available on linux by the developer.
Frozen Synapse

Opensource games written for linux
Battle for Wesnoth
Cave Story

Wine Compatible
Windows games that can be played perfectly or near perfectly using Wine on Linux
Coming soon

Engine rewrites/reimplementation
Projects to get proprietary games running on Linux by rewriting the engine in opensource. These will still require the copyrighted data files in order to actually play

Console emulation software available on Linux
Coming soon

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