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Not new, but new to me. I’ve recently discovered the abilty to post to my blog from anywhere at all using only my nokia e63, and a data connection.

The first option is a program called wavelog. Sold commercially, it allows you to login and post, add images, and much more. It supports wordpress, blogger, youtube and more. But i’m not ready to cough up $16.50 when theres other options that are free!

The second option I came across, was an opensource project, writen in python called Scribe. Scribe allows the creation and editing of posts in wordpress, but does not allow photos to be uploaded from the phone. Because Scribe depends on the somewhat buggy pys60 runtime, there are some reliabilty issues here – alas, I am yet to get this program running on my e63.

The 3rd option, supplied by themselves, is just to use the ‘post by email’ feature – allowing you to post bu writing an email and sending it to a special address. I am actually using this method to write this very post. Works well enough. The email subject makes up the post title, and and attached images will also be posted. One drawback I have though, as I am using the gmail java app, which does not support sending attachments (only recieving), I am unable to post images directly from my phone.

Ok, so none of these are exactly ideal. There is one other though, that I am yet to try. Its called Wordmobi, and like Scribe is written in python. Sounds as though this could be the answer I was looking for…

Stay tuned for part 2